Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Night Close to Campus (walk.bike.run)

I actually have spent a lot of my time my first year on Temple exploring Center City and other parts of Philadelphia. On the other hand I haven't spent much actually exploring the places around campus. So i decided to stay close to home on my Walk.Bike.Run. project. I ended up going to the Noshery for this project. Its a small like food place right on Broad Street. Its often hidden between the Hair & Beauty place and City Plaza.
Looking from the outside out the building one would think it would like like any other small city restaurant. With the while walls, cheap wobbly tables, and those chairs that squeak when you pull them out to sit down. But that is not the case the floors are made of wood and the walls are painted a nice rustic yellow. The chairs and tables made of stainless steal  and are lacking in the squeaking factor. When you walk in you are greeted by the friendly staff that works there who are most likely students at the college.
They have a variety of different things you can order. I ended up ordering the panini club with turkey, bacon, cheddar, tomato, and mayo. I was really good, maybe a little too big to fit into my mouth but still worth the purchase. I have also heard that they make really good sushi which I may get if I go here again. There food is reasonable priced and even came with a free poland spring water.
I did ask if it was okay if I could blog about and take pictures of their restaurant and I more got a reaction of why would you do that than they were worried that I was gonna write anything bad about their restaurant.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Stop Motion Graffiti

The video that is posted below is a stop motion graffiti short film. Overall it captures the imagery of evolution from its very start to its potential end. This film is very creative in its use of materials and space. The whole film seems to take place around a abandon warehouse or and empty part of a city. The way that every thing is constantly in motion keeps the viewers eyes moving. Also there are twist that the artist adds in that are unexpected that keeps the viewer really focused on the film. 

BIG BANG BIG BOOM - the new wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

TED Talks Ken Robinson- says schools kill creativity

Ken Robinson is a very strong speaker and very comical which helps keeps your interest through his talk. His whole discussion was about how he feels that education pulls people away from the creativity that they were born with. He mentions that Picasso had said " all children are born artist". That creativity that all children are born with is forced out of them through education. Why are classes such as dance, theater, and sculpture not mandatory opposed to a class such as math or science in public education. Why hold so tight to certain teachings when no one knows what is gong to happen 10 years from now. We learn things for a "future we can't grasp" and " can't predict what the future is going to be like but expected to be educated for it".  I agree with Ken on his argument, the arts should be treated as important as things such as the sciences and such because it opens a whole creative side. Opening up this side in your brain will help you excel in other things and may help one tackle obstacles in a different way then they would have before. So I too believe Ken when he says "Creativity is as important as literacy".
TEDTalk - Ken Robinson